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Why Choose Outdoor Living of NJ

We love to design and build outdoor spaces for our customers. 

We are innovative, professional and keep our clients satisfied at all times. We listen and do everything we can to turn ideas into beautiful working outdoor realities. 

Outdoor Living of NJ is dedicated to engineering creative and custom outdoor spaces that last.  

Outdoor Living of NJ  grill
Outdoor Living of NJ yard

Our Company History

We started as a small company 40 years ago offering Landscaping Services. Over the years, we added other Hardscaping Services.


In 2002, we added the design and construction of Outdoor Kitchens to our services to offer a one-stop-shop to our clients.


Outdoor Living of NJ wants to build your dream outdoor living space. 


It would be our honor to create an outdoor space where you will spend time with family and friends creating unforgettable memories.

Our Vision

Craftsmanship & Support

Outdoor Living of NJ prides itself on craftsmanship and quality.  We stand behind our brand and strive to make each design and installation to the highest standards.

Design Expertise

The design phase is one of the most important steps for us.  We focus on understanding your needs, style, and vision for your outdoor space.   We do this, so we can deliver an extraordinary design with innovative products, beautiful layouts, and unique features.

Reliable Company

There are many important 

qualifications to consider when selecting an outdoor living installer.  We meet these qualifications to run your project smoothly and meet all your expectations.

  • Licensed Home Improvement Certificate and Fully Insured

  • We Use No Subcontractors

  • Extensive experience in designing and installing outdoor kitchens 

  • 3D Design services to review your plan before it is installed

  • License #13VH05009600 and Fully Insured 

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