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The Perfect Stone Veneer for Your Outdoor Project

Natural Stone Veneer 


Real Stone Veneer is the best option to use to complete the facade of your modular outdoor kitchen cabinets.  It may also be applied to your fire pit, an accent wall, your fireplace, and even your home's facade.   From traditional Fieldstone to our seamless grout-free Ledgestone panels, we have many options to choose from.

Stacked Ledgestone Veneer 


Ledgestone panels are one of the best options for your veneer choice today, from its beauty and streamlined installation of dry-stacked (no grout) stone application.


Standard Panels are 24" wide by 6" high – ¾" to 1 ¾" thick.  Corner Pieces are also available.

Fieldstone Veneer

It is truly a classic stone style with a rugged appearance.  The material is presented as a thin veneer, defined by its durability and large color selection, including creams, rust, brown, and amber hues. 


It is a natural stone, occurring naturally in fields and used in its natural form and as a thin veneer.   Fieldstone veneer's rich texture and range of colors enhance a multitude of designs, including your outdoor kitchen.

Contact us to schedule a time to visit our beautiful Outdoor Living of NJ Showroom in Teterboro to review the material, colors, and finishes in person.

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