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The Perfect Gathering Outdoor Space

An outdoor pavilion is a beautiful permanent structure designed to extend your living space outdoors while being the optimal shelter from the outdoor elements... sun, rain, and snow will no longer keep you inside your home.


An outdoor pavilion will add a great focal point to your backyard. Its finishes can complement the existing finishes of your home, creating a cohesive elegant look. The roof can be finished with asphalt shingles, or metal for a modern flair. Our designers will guide you with the design of your roof shape, and height, as per your township's limitations. We will also guide you with a variety of ceiling finishing options, colors and stains.  


A pavilion structure will become an extension of your home, the perfect place to relax, read a book, watch your favorite show, movie or sporting event with friends and family. Some pavilions will be designed to shelter an outdoor kitchen, and dining area, while other pavilion designs will accommodate a great lounging area.


Extend your stay outdoors, while enjoying your pavilion into the Fall and Winter seasons by adding a custom wood or gas fireplace. Your outdoor fireplace will become a great focal point, and the best location to install your outdoor TV.


Outdoor pavilions can be completed with automated electrical heaters for additional warmth and comfort. Outdoor fans will keep you cool during the hotter days.  


When including a seating bar area under a pavilion, beautiful pendant lights will define the bar, and elevate the design of your outdoor living space. Outdoor wall sconces will add another custom look, and elegance to your pavilion columns.

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