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This Haworth backyard has a wonderful welcoming outdoor living space, once you enter it, you do not want to leave.

The clients were introduced to us by their interior designer. After an initial meeting at our showroom, reviewing the outdoor kitchen cabinetry, and furnishing selections, we scheduled a design consultation at our client's home. This is when we started to explore many amazing possibilities and we suggested a pavilion with a fireplace for their backyard. The clients love our vision and trust us to take the next step to design a completely new outdoor living space.

The initial design step was to integrate the two-tier patio, and eliminate a large center planting bed, into one longer main patio, in an elegant herringbone pattern. The lounging pavilion has become the focal point, as the backdrop of this backyard, with a custom wood burning fireplace completed in classic travertine. The coffee table under the pavilion is a custom piece, completed with miter waterfall edges along all sides, with a one-of-a-kind quartzite material.

The outdoor kitchen has been designed to accommodate a couple of cooks at the same time. A long great cooking island, with amazing cooking elements, and an elegant bar island with miter waterfall edging, parallel to the cooking island, not only accommodating five seats, but it is also a great prep and serving island for those large gatherings.

The dining table has been conveniently placed next to the outdoor kitchen, while also facing the outdoor TV, in the pavilion.

The shrubbery and colorful perennials add a great visual and inviting atmosphere to this backyard, and new bluestone stepping stones lead you to an amazing outdoor living space, completed with LED lighting.

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