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The grill is the most important component when designing an outdoor kitchen.  When selecting an outdoor grill, it is important to keep in mind its quality, features, and warranty. 

Our grills can be purchased in a cart or as a built-in. Most built-in grill heads come in a range from 24″ to 56″ width. The space for your grill, the amount of food you cook, and your budget, will determine the grill size for your outdoor kitchen.

Since the grill is the heart of your outdoor kitchen, we offer only the best in outdoor grilling.  With brands like Lynx, Wolf, Alfresco, Blaze, Viking, Twin Eagles, and more, we offer the perfect grill for your outdoor kitchen. 

You may purchase just your grill and stainless steel appliances from us for your DIY installations or let us design and install your complete outdoor kitchen.  


These are our best-selling Grill Brands.  If you do not see the brand you are looking for please let us know.

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