Our Transitional Cabinetry Collection offers a unique frame, door styles, and trim with the look and feel of real cypress or teak.  Available in stained, painted or weathered finishes. 


The cabinets are made of 100% PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride.  It is a man-made polymer that has seen use in a multitude of applications from indoor to outdoors.  In the cabinet industry, it’s a groundbreaking method of weatherproof construction created by leading outdoor cabinet makers.  PVC is a robust yet lightweight plastic with excellent properties for outdoor use and with cooking appliances.  


Resin is another type of polymer that we employ in the creation of our cabinetry.  Think of it like a lightweight foam that’s injected into a die, pressed down with considerable force, compressing the cell-like structure of the foam into something very dense and very strong. The combination of Resin with PVC provides stellar results against outdoor elements.


All doors, drawer fronts, panels and planks are all created from molds cast from real distressed Cypress wood to give an amazing natural grain detail.


Visit our showroom to view our beautiful Transitional Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry Collection.