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When designing your fire element, there is a large selection of sizes and shapes of fire pans and burners. The burners can run on NG (natural gas) and LP (liquid propane).

The fire pans are available in round, square, linear, rectangular, and curved custom shapes - custom sizes are also available. The shape of the burners will also come in a variety of shapes and lengths, accordingly to the shape of the fire pan chosen. You may even order a "S" shaped burner.

The BTU's will vary from as low as 55,000 BTU's to 400, 000 BTU's and higher.

All burners can be completed with a fire pan cover and glass flame guards.

The ignition system is available in different options:


  • Perfect for Fire Pits without electricity

  • Manual match lit burner


  • Push-button battery spark ignition

  • For Fire Pits without electricity

Manual Spark with Flame Sensing Kit

  • Perfect for Fire Pits without electricity, with desire for flame sensing, so if the flame blows out, gas will turn off

  • Battery spark igniter, no match required – AA battery and safety pilot valve

  • Complete Fire Pit Insert utilizes a standing pilot with a  thermocouple to safely control gas flow

Remote Electronic Ignition Kit

  • Fully assembled

  • Flame safety automatically relights flame if blown out

  • Requires wall switch, remote or timer to operate (sold separately)

  • Remote control startup utilizes our hot wire ignition, no Spark

  • Hotwire ignition: 120v A/C (24 v A/C available upon request)

Linear Fire Pan
Rectangular Fire Pan
Square Fire Pan
Rectangular Fire Pan Cover
Flame Glass Guard - Rectangular
Round Fire pan
Round Glass Flame Guard
Round Fire Pan Cover
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